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Flower Art Party

Weaving seasonal and foraged foliage into your own special creation

by Marli Kelly

The wreath workshops are a unique sensory, storytelling opportunity for participants to come and weave their own creation. The feel of the natural flowers and foliage in your hands, with bright colours to enjoy and the wonderful scent of eucalyptus adds to the immersive experience. There’s something magical about bringing a room full of people together to create. Engagement happens, there’s laughter, shared stories of ‘wow that looks incredible’ to ‘I don’t know whether these colours work’. The workshops give participants permission to spend time over two hours experimenting and weaving their own colourful piece.

Choose between two dates for your flower party experience and enjoy the surrounds of Billabong Garden Complex (a social enterprise business of ConnectGV), have a shop in their nursery on your way out.


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