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Marli Kelly

Marli grew up with a love of nature from a young age and loved doing craft projects, especially with natural materials found in nature. She was happiest fossicking for stones, flowers and little treasures.
Marli was working in public relations when in 2019 she received the confronting news that she had an aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis. 
After having to medically retire Marli looked at various ways she could reinvent herself. Each year she would host a Christmas Wreath party at the farm where she lives.  From the success of those Marli saw an opportunity to host wildflower parties to make wreaths, crowns and other installations for events. 
Marli’s love of bringing people together to create a magical experience took off and she now has regular workshops and installation work requests. 
Marli was Multiple Sclerosis’s Australia International Woman’s Day of the year profile story. 
Marli knows first-hand that through pain and confronting challenges beautiful things can emerge.