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Australian Welsh Male Choir at St. Augustine’s Church

The majestic St. Augustine’s Church in Shepparton will play host to a truly remarkable event as the Australian Welsh Male Choir graces its halls with their voices. Amidst the awe-inspiring architecture of the church, adorned with intricate stained-glass windows and towering arches, the choir’s performance will resonate with profound spirituality and cultural richness. Led by their passionate conductor, the choir will transport the audience on a journey through the valleys of Wales with their powerful renditions of traditional Welsh hymns and folk songs, echoing centuries of musical heritage. Although not native Welsh speakers, the choir has helped preserve this language and this comes to life every time these gentlemen start to sing. 

Dinner by Elsewhere at SAM will be served prior to the show in the St. Augustine’s Parish Hall. A sumptuous menu provided by local caterers is included in the ticket price and will be enjoyed alongside the choir members, giving the audience an opportunity to mingle with the choir before heading into the church for the performance. Drinks are available to purchase on the evening. 

On arrival
Fresh-baked bread & whipped butter

Main Course
Native mint rolled Saddle of lamb, carrot, edamame, onion, smoked yoghurt and port wine glaze
Berry red velvet tea cake, maple marshmallow, double cream
Do not miss this very special event at the heart of Shepparton.

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