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Hall Stories

by Damian Callinan

There is barely a bakery in regional Australia, that hasn’t had one of Damian Callinan’s show posters blu-tacked to its window.

In Hall Stories, the three time Melbourne Comedy Festival Best Show nominee and creator of the hit Netflix film The Merger, combines his skills as a storyteller, stand-up and character actor, to pull back the curtain on his own tour stories and examine the quirks, traditions and characters of rural Australian halls.

In this particular show, Damian will also be spending time with the local community to delve into the the history & characters of the Harston Hall, as well as examining its origins in the POW and internment camp story of the district. As well as the show, he will later deliver a podcast to create an aural history of the Harston Memorial Hall. Hall Stories is Callinan doing what he does best, where he does it best. He knows how to talk over a bubbling urn; wind up when the CWA head into the supper room and stack the chairs in 5’s at the end of the night. You just let him know where to get the hall key, and he’ll do the rest.

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