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Mosquito Safety at Events

Mosquito Safety at Events

Protect yourself from diseases caused by mosquito bites

Heavy summer rain and warm weather bring many mosquitoes or ‘”mozzies’’.
These mosquitoes can bite and make you sick.
Japanese encephalitis is a nasty sickness you can get from mozzie bites.
You can protect yourself and your family by following these easy steps.
The best protection against mozzies and the dangerous diseases they can carry is to avoid bites.

Five ways to stay safe:
1. Wear long sleeves, pants and shoes and socks when you are outside. This makes it harder for mozzies to bite you.

2. Use mosquito spray on your uncovered skin. The spray must have DEET or picaridin. You can use sunscreen and mozzie spray together. Put the sunscreen on first and spray second. Reapply often.

3. Use fly screens for your doors and windows. Fix holes to keep mozzies out. If you don’t have screens, close the doors and windows. Use a mosquito net if mozzies are getting into your rooms.

4. Stop mosquitoes breeding. Mozzies breed in still water. Empty water from old tyres, buckets and empty pots that might collect water that mozzies can breed in.

5. GET VACCINATED! Vaccination is FREE if you live in Shepparton or other flood impacted areas! There’s a vaccination for Japanese encephalitis. It will keep you safe.

For more information, contact:
– Your doctor
– Your council
– GV Public Health Unit 1800 313 070

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