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Australian Welsh Male Choir at Shepparton Brewery

In keeping with the cherished tradition of Welsh choirs, the Australian Welsh Male Choir revels in the joy of song. Whether they’re harmonising at the neighbourhood pub or leading a spirited community sing-along after a concert, their passion for music knows no bounds, persisting long after the curtain falls. At the beloved Shepparton Brewery, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in this age-old musical heritage while enjoying a refreshing drink and delicious food. Amidst the convivial atmosphere, guests can absorb the melodic cadences of the Welsh language, adding a cultural dimension to their dining experience. 

“The essence of a Welsh choir is community singing in pubs and that is why we wanted to bring this tradition to Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. We started as four or five people singing while enjoying a drink and after 50 years, we are a choir that is a large part of Melbourne’s history.” Tom Buchanan, musical director. 

The choir also sing many songs in English and when the crowd is singing along they find many develop the confidence to try singing in Welsh too. You don’t need to be the best singers, you don’t need to speak Welsh, the choir members will teach you all you need to know. 


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