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Sophletta’s birth as an artist began during a journey through Brazil where she became inspired by the passionate culture and encouraging artists in her surroundings. She felt a pull to art and intuitively began drawing geometrical patterns from her mind which she soon discovered were universally known structures. She had no idea how they ended up in her mind, through her pencil and onto the paper without her conscious knowledge of their ancient existence, but she accepted the message. She began to study more about sacred geometry and her awareness and art began to evolve from there. She found new perspectives and deeper connections through sacred geometry.

Sophletta began painting street art in Brazil in 2015 and developed a strong connection with the artistic community of Juiz de Fora. This connection gifted her new experiences through each artistic project, which opened new opportunities to further understand and engage with the diverse Brazilian culture and the Brazilian people.

Ever since the urge to create took over, Sophletta’s art has continued to change and evolve. She returned to Australia in 2017 and continues practicing street art and continues to create using acrylic and watercolour mediums. Her art explores a range of themes such as femininity, sacred geometry, nature studies, connection and personal emotional processes. Beyond her life as an artist, she also works as a registered nurse. Nursing has taught her deep lessons of the complexities of human experience, suffering, strength and compassion. It is impossible for these themes not to sneak into her artworks.

This year Sophletta is curating a collective exhibition, upcycling old skateboards into art. Over 40 local artists have already confirmed their participation. Sophletta hopes for further opportunities to collaborate with other artists and to continue colouring the streets and bringing art to the community of Shepparton.