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Rivers and waterways are the arteries of our landscape. They bring life to our regions, nourishing ecosystems that in turn provide communities with everything they need to sustain themselves. RiverConnect aims to foster the community’s love, respect and connection to the river environment through engaging events, collaborative projects anan inspiring education program.

RiverConnect is a wide reaching community government partnership program under the auspice of Greater Shepparton City Council and jointly funded by the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority. Since its inception in 2005, RiverConnect has been pivotal in building appreciation for the significance of our river environment and shared cultural heritage.

By facilitating effective high-levels of collaboration and co-operation, the partnership model has enabled local government, land management agencies, Traditional Owners, educational organisations, stakeholders and community members to come together to identify and action shared priorities. RiverConnect invites all groups and individuals with a stake in the river environment to be a part of RiverConnect.