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Loopy Lopes

The multi-artist Davidson Lopes, also known as “Loopy Lopes,” was born and raised in Brazil, where he began his musical journey at a young age. He was captivated by the vast world of music, starting from his brother Donilson’s collection of rock vinyl. The large covers of Iron Maiden’s albums caught his attention instantly. Music has a transformative force. It was a magical time of music; you had to use your imagination through music to enter that world. As there was no internet, you didn’t even know what the musicians looked like, as there were no photos of the band in some booklets or on the album cover. What existed at that time were tactile, olfactory experiences when listening to an album; you had to get up to change the side of the record, pick up the cartridge, and put it on the record to play. It was a ritual that generated a feeling of belonging, of being part of the band. These early experiences nurtured a deep-seated appreciation for the craft of music-making in Davidson, laying the foundation for his future explorations as an Electronic Music producer and his several experimental musical projects. Researching World Music and Brazilian music more deeply, he was able to understand its roots and where that vital music energy came from. The great “architects of Brazilian music” became his heroes because they transformed so much suffering and pain into music. Most of Brazil’s original rhythms were created by black people and marginalized people, and consequently, their music was illegal too; many were arrested or killed for being artists. This history of resilience and expression deeply resonated with Davidson, fueling his commitment to use music as a medium for storytelling and cultural preservation—art is an act of resistance and freedom. Now living in the Yorta Yorta Land known as Australia, Davidson brings his musical memories in honour and respect to his heroic ancestors from all over the world to especially share with you in a 100% vinyl records set.