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Lauren Ericksen

Lauren Ericksen (aka Everyday Lines) is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Naarm (Melbourne). Lauren’s mediums range from illustration (both digital and on paper), acrylic and oil stick paintings, murals, tattoos, and clothing. The list is ever-growing, as experimenting and learning new techniques is a huge part of her practice. 


Lauren’s process is concept-driven and highly reflective. She absorbs the world around her – Finding visuals and ideas, then stripping them back to their most simplistic form. Lauren often adds an underlying theme to her work, including body positivity, pro body hair, feminism, and LGBTQI+ visibility. Seeking to make work with the intention of connection. 


Her distinctive style explores both figurative and abstract styles through the use of continuous lines. She depicts figures and symbols, seeking to reflect on life. The big stuff, the small stuff, and the everyday.