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Abbey Elliott

Abbey is a Mother, Somatic Guide, Safe and Sound Protocol Practitioner, Aware Parenting Coach and NLP Practitioner working, living and playing on Yorta Yorta land in Victoria, Australia.

Abbey’s passion and skills lie in supporting people to re-awaken playfulness, pleasure and presence through one-one support, workshops and bespoke offerings.

Once a health practitioner who desired to more deeply support healing and relational repair, Abbey draws on the science of attachment and the nervous system in her work – offering psycho-education, body-based tools, musical connection and attuned communication in her work with clients.
Her human-centered, compassionate and authentic style supports a pathway to renegotiate shame, trauma or relational rupture – reconnecting clients to a sense of aliveness and connection with self and others.
A lifelong learner on her own path toward greater self expression and confidence, Abbey is the ultimate guide in the journey toward nervous system healing, deep enrichment and a greater sense of aliveness. She seamlessly blends vulnerability, humour and expertise as she unlocks and shares her deep knowledge and toolkit of somatic and personal development approaches.
She dreams of a world where people feel validated, acknowledged and supported so they can hold themselves and the ones they love with care, reverence and deep appreciation for all that they are.