The 2021 Shepparton Festival Choir

This arrangement was designed in response to this years festival theme of Unify.
Choir masters Ryan Black & assistant Hannah Magee did an incredible job and we thank them whole heartedly.

Congrats to all the choir members, we did it!
Choir Members: Abbey Stanbrook, Alison Smith, Allan Mitchell, Anneliese Tremper, Annie Stone, Bernie Cook, Catherine Rourke, Chloe McKay, Colin Bell, Digby Bunnett, Ellia Black, Ellia Leocata, Emily Lange, Emma Jane Knight Law, Emmerson Lavis, Hannah Magee, Jacqueline Cuijpers, Jayde Robinson, John Head, John Lewis, Julie Natalizio, Karen Bell, Kat Essex, Kathy Skidmore, Kate Clavarino, Kim Carter, Lawson Kennard, Louise Tremper, Luke Lewis, Matthew Hanns, Meghan Thompson, Matt Heard, Michelle Black, Nathan Carkeek, Rai Singh, Ray Gale, Robert Baxter, Robin Pettigrew, Rosie Leonardi, Ryan Black, Sarah Cameron, Shaun Kane, Simon Marks, Sophie Fimmel, Stefania Penella, Steve Condron, Talia Kuar Rai, Tina Pellegrino, Tricia O’Hare, Yvette Knight, Zoe Barbary, Zoe Hamilton

Choir Direction: Ryan Black & Hannah McGee
Production: Joseph Moorhouse
Recording Engineer: Nigel Parsons
Design/Editor: Isaiah Morris

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