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Taking it to the Streets

Projections, murals and pastes-ups will brighten dark walls and corners with light and colour.

Shepparton Festival shines a light on local artists

Shepparton Festival has launched its line-up for UNIFY 2021, a dynamic blend of visual arts, music, conversation, performance and workshops, all kicking off on Friday 11 June. As part of their 25th annual program they’ll be taking it to the streets. For the duration of the Festival, Greater Shepparton will light up like never before. Projections, murals and pastes-ups will brighten dark walls and corners with light and colour. Headlining more than 10 artists across 25 CBD locations, you are invited to explore our city on a revealing treasure hunt. 

Street art is thought provoking, conversation starting and emotive, Artist Davidson Lopes says “The artistic act of painting walls generates strangeness at first and consequently curiosity, conversations and emotions. The energies of the environment change, come to life and what used to be just a lifeless wall becomes a sensation, and whoever is affected by street art is taken from the lethargy that the routine of the day creates.”

As a not-for-profit community event Shepparton Festival is a critical platform that provides exposure to emerging artists. As an extension to the gallery or theatre, street art brings their craft to the community. Artist Sophie Wilson explains, “Art is a powerful tool that opens our minds and hearts and as an artist I have observed one of the unique aspects of street art, which is the power of connecting the community. Each mural creates an open space for conversation, and as a result, connections are made between passers-by, business owners and artists in public spaces.”

Artist Tom Harding says “The Festival is an absolutely fantastic event that breathes so much life into the town. Having art in plain sight throughout the community allows for people to connect with ideas, meanings, and culture that they normally wouldn’t.”

With more than 25 locations to uncover, grab a copy of the Shine on Greater Shepp map, it’s available in-print and online. The program will also feature surprise pop up installations, so follow the Festival facebook page for further announcements.

Do you know of a wall that is begging to be brought to life? A building to be beautified or an alley way to become more alluring? Contact the Festival team on email to discuss an installation by one of the Shine on Greater Shepp collective.



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