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¡Ópera Española! (Spanish Opera)

Join us in Dookie to experience Spain!

Mamás Bravas

Enjoy two captivating ensembles and an immersive and vibrant Fiesta of ravishing music, dance, food and wine.

Let us transport you to the ‘Andalusian Mountains’ of Tallis Wine, under the direction of local Creative Producer and International Opera Singer, Allegra Giagu.

The first offering, ¡Venga! presented by Mamás Bravas, unearths rediscovered repertoire, lost in the fires that consumed an entire period of Spanish Music History.

The second, Eterno Flamenco, explores a universe of music and dance; intimate, elegant, without artifice, presenting acclaimed dancers, Chantelle Cano and Johnny Tedesco (Arte Kanela) and renowned guitarist, Gerard Mapstone. A night to remember!”

Food is available for pre-order, delicious paella, cheese or meat platters.

We would like everyone to arrive safely to the event and safely home, so have arranged a bus service from Shepparton to Dookie return. You can book your seat on the bus when you book you ticket.

If you can’t make it to the live event, you can attend via the wonderful Australian Digital Concert Hall!

Show One:
¡Venga! – Mamás Bravas

Show Two:
Eterno Flamenco – Arte Kanela with Gerard Mapstone

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