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An exploration of the microcosm of soils and our connections to them 

Curatorial Collaboration by Janie Christophersen, Elizabeth Evans, Andrew Sands and Helen Kelly

eARTh is a collaborative exhibition of visual art exploring microscopic life in our soils.

Drawing from the vast body of work made for the extraordinary Dookie Earthed event in 2014, Dookie Arts are inviting you to take a deep dive into the wonders of the microcosms that inhabit healthy soils.

Through paintings, sculpture, videos and installations you are encouraged to consider how healthy soils help us thrive. You will be welcomed to contribute to the creation of an abstract representation of the soil microbiome by adding pieces to a sculptural installation at the Dookie Memorial Hall.

Fragile sculptural installation requires close supervision of children but all welcome to come and get your hands dirty!

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