2022 Selection process

Shepparton Festival has a selection panel who take into account many factors in the selection of final EOIs to be included in our 2022 program. If an EOI is not chosen for further development, other avenues for its exploration may be considered and suggested. 

Selection of an EOI is based upon a combination of some or all the following factors: 

  • Demonstrates artistic integrity, uniqueness and innovation in creative output  
  • Accessibility and inclusion  
  • Increases the value, perception and pride of Greater Shepparton 
  • Aligns with our vision and goals as detailed in our Strategic Plan 
  • Alignment with some* of the guiding principles and actions within the Victorian State Government’s Creative State Strategy  
  • Demonstrates consideration of festival theme THRIVE 
  • Quality and completeness of the final EOI submission 
  • Appropriate cost modelling  

* we realise that not all principles can be covered in a single event. The Festival itself will aim to cover many of these principles in our selection of a range of event/projects that appeal to a wide audience. 

The decision by the panel is final. Notification of the status of applications are made via email up to five weeks after the closing date and no information will be available before the selection process is complete. In the meantime, it is possible that our Creative Director, Jamie Lea, will be in contact to obtain a little more information. 

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